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Ewelme Almshouse Charity has a long history as a provider of education. From its founding in 1437, the Charity had a dual purpose, to provide almshouse for those in need and to establish a school in the village of Ewelme to educate local children.

Ewelme Exhibition Endowment

As educational needs have altered over the intervening centuries, the way in which the Charity addresses its educational objective has altered. The most significant change came in 1897, when the Charity decided to separate out its educational objective, creating the Ewelme Exhibition Endowment. Through a system of scholarships and exhibitions, this charity was responsible for supporting children from the Ewelme estates into secondary education. Today, our sister Charity continues to support children in a range of secondary and tertiary settings. Further information about the Charity can be found here:

Ewelme Exhibition Endowment

Ewelme Elementary Education Foundation

Ewelme Elementary Education Foundation is our second sister Charity. This Charity is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this historic school building which adjoins the Cloisters in Ewelme. The original school built by the de la Poles continues to provide primary education to children from the village, and further information about the school can be found here:

Ewelme Primary School